Friday, February 10, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On Wednesday, N had a Singapore Math review of her own (have I mentioned how very long these reviews are?)

N - Singapore Math 4A: 

And then, once she's done with the review, there are exercises...



Phew! While N was doing all that math...

G did the hundred board (for the second time!). I was reminded of this comment from Discovering Montessori: "I love when [the children] repeat the activities! It allows mastery of the materials and it shows me that they are enjoying themselves." 

Hmmm, something's not quite right:


G - reading and writing:

G - listening activity from preschool (this one was cool because it focused on the function of objects -- after she had cut out various objects, I would say, "Find something you write with and glue it to the table"; "Find something you write on and glue it to the desk"; etc.): 

E - Little People:

S - Spelling Workout A, finishing up Lesson 22:

S - Spelling Workout A, Lesson 23:

S - Singapore Math 2A:

S - Pythagoras Board:

S - fraction insets:

S - Zaner-Bloser Handwriting 2M:

Finally, when N was done with all that math, we did a little history (I read aloud a chapter of Story of the World, Vol. 4).

S - Story of the World Coloring page:

N - Story of the World coloring page:

For art, we discussed this painting by Van Gogh, and then the girls painted their own interpretations... 



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