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Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, Presidents' Day

S - Spelling Workout A, Lesson 27:

S - practicing lowercase Os, As, and Gs:

S - Singapore Math 2A:

N - Singapore Math 4A:

For Presidents' Day, the girls made mini-Mount Rushmores (an idea I saw here). After I told them about this activity, I read that Franklin Roosevelt is on the dime, while Teddy Roosevelt is on Mount Rushmore. :( We might not have done this activity if I had read that earlier, but I had told the girls about it and they wanted to do it. 

We used it as an opportunity to look at pictures of Mount Rushmore and discuss the presidents depicted on it. We also read the story of George Washington and the Cherry Tree from The Children's Book of Virtues. 

We read chapter 2, part 2 of Story of the World, Vol. 4, on the Crimean War (another major world event I wouldn't have known a thing about if not for homeschooling :). 

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