Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

S - peg board

S - Writing with Ease, Week 3 (narration and handwriting, which she spontaneously used as a copywork sample as well):

S - Dictation (I read one of the sentences she dictated to me aloud to her, and she has to keep it in her head long enough to write it down): 

S - Singapore Math 2A:

S - spontaneous fun with crayons (crayon people):

G - building toy:

G - reading and writing simple sentences:

G - hundred board:

S - coloring:

S - her own personal tea party (anything to keep her busy!):

N - Writing with Ease, Week 3, narration and handwriting:

N - Writing with Ease, Week 3 (I read a sentence from her narration exercise, and she must remember it and write it down):

N - Singapore Math 4A (this is three pages of the 8-page review in the workbook to go along with the 5-page review in the textbook, which she did yesterday -- have I mentioned that Singapore Math has really, really long reviews?):  

For art, we used the Discovering Great Artists book to learn about Georgia O'Keefe, an American painter who, among other things, painted flowers. We learned that her flower paintings typically featured one blossom that took up the entire canvas. The girls used this flower to try their hand at coloring in the style of Georgia O'Keefe:




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  1. The girls are doing such wonderful work! I love S's creativity with making the crayon people!