Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

S - binomial cube:

S - trinomial cube (every time she does the trinomial cube she says, "I build the binomial cube inside it first...")

G - reading (with N):

G - writing:

G - sand tray with digraphs:

G - /sh/ digraph sandpaper letters with phonetic objects (shoe, shell, ship, mushroom, shark, fish, pencil sharpener): 

G - /ee/ digraph with phonetic objects (bee, sheep, needle, seed, tree, eel):

G - having a little fun with the sand tray:

S - Writing with Ease, Week 2 (her 2-sentence summary of a story I've just read aloud; she dictates the summary to me and I record it): 

S - Writing with Ease, Week 2 (Then she writes one of the sentences she has just dictated -- this is done in order to learn how to write grammatically correct sentences. This work is more for someone N's age, who would listen to the sentence read aloud, remember it, and then write it down. Instead, I write the sentence for S in highlighter and let her trace it -- that way it's not only a writing lesson but also handwriting practice.):

N - Writing with Ease, Week 2 (This is her summary of the story, dictated to me, done in order to learn how to synthesize large amounts of information.):

(Then I read one of her sentences back to her, she remembers it in her head, and then she writes it down. This is done in order to learn how to compose sentences in one's head and then write them down.)

N & S - tin whistle practice:

For a little fun, we made these Brownie Buckeye Cupcakes:


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