Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

S - Singapore Math 2A (measuring her book in cm):

...measuring her hand span:

S - Spelling Workout A, Lesson 21:

E - pushing toothpicks through the holes in an empty spice jar lid:

G - simple addition with golden beads, exchanging ten units for one ten:

G - nuts and bolts:

S - vertebrate/invertebrate sorting (from Montessori for Everyone):

S - five kinds of vertebrates sorting (from Montessori for Everyone):

...checking her work ("A" on the back of the card means "Amphibian," etc.):

S - grace and courtesy lesson on the proper way to cover one's mouth when sneezing/coughing:

S - patting head and rubbing belly (Janice van Cleave science experiment #80)

N - Singapore Math 4A:

N - types of triangles nomenclature cards (from Montessori for Everyone):

N - spinning (Janice van Cleave science experiment #79 on the inner ear):


  1. I was curious on how you feel Singapore Math blends with Montessori. I'm thinking of using it for Math as my son enters first grade this Fall.

  2. Overall, I'd say we've been very happy with Singapore Math. It's not a perfectly smooth transition from Montessori ("units" are called "ones," for instance), but of all the math programs I researched, it seemed to be one of the better matches. It uses a lot of "mental math," in which they teach kids strategies for doing math in their heads (and with a Montessori background, the abstract aspects of math are solidly concrete by the time they get to SM, so I think it follows on very nicely in that respect).

    It assumes that the student comes to it with a good amount of knowledge (which a Montessori student will), and it demands a LOT from the student (when you get to second/third grade, you'll see what I mean). We liked the results we saw with our oldest daughter, so we continued with it for our 5-y.o. Even though they have different learning styles, they both seem to be thriving with it. I definitely feel like the girls are getting a very comprehensive math education.

    Feel free to ask any other questions you have -- good luck!