Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

G - doing a listening activity her teacher sent home from preschool; standing behind her so she has no visual cues (i.e., lip reading), I say, "Find the mittens," "Find the sled," etc.:

G - after she found everything, we put it all together in a book she then read aloud:

G - addition up to 18 with golden beads:

G - part/whole puzzle:

G - hammering shapes activity:
S - Singapore Math 2A:

S - division with a remainder using division bead board:

E - red knobless cylinders:

E - wooden puzzle:

N - piano practice:

N - Singapore Math 4A:

N - making Bible dolls from we saw on pinterest (thanks, My Boys' Teacher for pinning it!): 

G & N - playing "Bird Bingo"  

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