Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

G - using phonetic objects and sandpaper digraphs to write digraph words on chalkboard:





tree (she just inserted the "r," which I thought was great!):

sheep (she knew from previous digraph work that s and h make the /sh/ sound! :):




E - pouring bears...

...and beginning to sort them by color:

E - Matryoshka dolls:

E - writing on chalkboard:

E - exploring a Toob of flight-related objects:

E - knobbed cylinder block #2 (she also did knobbed cylinder block #1, and in this pic she is noticing the difference between blocks #1 and #2): 

E - drawing in her book:

S - Singapore Math 2B and workbook exercises:

S - Color box (4?) -- this box has 4 pairs of graded shades of 8 colors -- she matched the pairs and then graded them from lightest to darkest:

N - Singapore Math 4B and workbook exercises:

N - practicing writing numbers a little more (ahem) legibly ;) :

N - Spelling Power, Level E, Group 32 (she did it on the back of her sheet because she wanted "to practice writing without lines"):

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